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We turn ideas into business.

And business into a brand

We turn ideas into business.

And business into a brand

With our data-driven strategies, Agile methods, and industry expertise, we can handle everything you need to turn your marketing goals into real-life results. We enable brands to effectively differentiate themselves, tell compelling stories, and persuade others to choose your brands.

Dequainis leaves no stone unturned to enable businesses in elevating their overall experience. Our approach is to learn about your market, competition, goals, and other important elements that influence your growth strategy.

Our goal is to get you ranked on Google. We develop strategies and a one-of-a-kind quality content plan to ensure that your potential customers find you when they Google your product or service.

Dequainis’ design services enable businesses to elevate their overall experience. Our social media designs will serve as solutions to engage with your audience and leave them with an everlasting identity of the brand. The confident approach to details brings life to the dynamic visual language and aims to broaden the audience by capturing the essence of your business.

Design and Branding lie in every core aspect of our company. We believe in creating an identity for our clients that reflects our passion and commitment to visual language, that is timeless. Our work encompasses everything from logo designs to full-fledged modern UI/UX designs. We aim to boost your sales with bespoke designs and a unique visual identity for your business.

Dequainis identifies and articulates the essential concepts that make up the core principles to align your brand, business, and story. Our branding strategy provide you with the resources you need to align your team, attract long-term customers, and create a long-lasting brand.

With the creation of innovative digital experiences and elegant website designs, we allow our customers to transition their digital experiences through modernizing business operations and revenue streams. The website encompasses a modern yet easy-to-use framework that is laid out from scratch to build up a solid and seamless digital experience across all platforms.

Dequainis emphasizes dependable and result-driven website development strategies. Our website developers set you up on the most user-friendly web platform available, making it as simple as possible for you to create and manage your website. We believe in crafting ecosystems with our embedded development thinking, tools, and methods devised from the core identity of the brand enabling modern yet elegant websites that captures the audience, create new sources of value, and ward off threats.

Our custom development capabilities allow us to design customized solutions with the firepower, horsepower, and ability to handle real-world problems. The state-of-the-art enterprise architectures and digital platforms work elegantly across mobile and desktop to ensure leveraging brands across all digital touch points.


Dequainis is a global BPO company that offers state-of-the-art services in digital, design, and tech. Starting from New York and thriven in Karachi and London the company aims to turn ideas into businesses and businesses into brands, globally.

Dequainis provides tailored solutions for your company–powered by an energetic and highly experienced group of individuals. With our team spread over 3 continents, Dequainis strives to bring continuous modernization to help clients improve their performance and create lasting value across their enterprises.

Beyond Creative.

Dequainis helps clients identify areas where there’s an opportunity by using cutting-edge insights generation techniques; turning vague numbers into tangible opportunities!

Making your brand’s Digital experience meaningful.

Designing timeless brands that everyone loves.

Innovating Technology to make everyone’s life easier.

Engagement Like Never Before

Our strategies encompass market automation to enable brands to maximize their ROI. We work closely with our clients to enhance user experiences, generate revenue, boost retention and maximize customer lifetime value.

What’s our secret

Dequainis provides dynamic customer-centric solutions for all our client’s queries, removing the hassles of Digital, Design, or Tech expertise, a business might need. Dequainis’ unparalleled structure extends from Digital Marketing to Bespoke Software and Web Design.


Starting from New York the company aims to turn ideas into businesses and businesses into brands, globally.


Client: Honda
Sector: Automobile
Plan: Anti-Matter

Eco Models

Client: Eco Models
Sector: Automobile
Plan: Anti-Matter


Client: Canon
Sector: Automobile
Plan: Anti-Matter

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